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EVRAZ Stratcor, Inc. is one of the world's leading producers and suppliers of vanadium alloys and chemicals. These vital ingredients are used by the steel, chemical, titanium, and turbine-coatings industries to improve their products and/or processes.

EVRAZ Stratcor is part of EVRAZ, a major mining and steel producer headquartered in Russia. The company's headquarters, plant, and technology center are located in Hot Springs, Arkansas, while the company's technical-sales organization is located in Chicago, Illinois. As shown on this Organization Chart, the company's strategic alliances, as well as its EVRAZ affiliation, enhance its ability to meet its Customer Commitment

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Details about our vanadium alloys and chemicals are on-line for your convenience. Browse through categories or go directly to the product you wish to explore. Pictures and technical specifications are included.

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Our experienced technical-sales and customer-service representatives are ready to answer your questions and help meet your requirements.

As a leader in its field, this customer-focused company is positioning itself to support metals and chemicals producers that rely on vanadium to expand their businesses and develop new products. (See News and Views.)

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